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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Party Girl's Guide:

c a b o  s a n  l u c a s ,  m e x i c o

Majestic Fountain inside of The Riu Santa Fe

I've had a lot of questions about recommendations since my trip to Cabo San Lucas a few weeks ago so I thought I'd lay it all out to you in one place! Now please, if you don't know me by now let me warn you that if you are going on a sweet family vacation and plan to knit at the buffet with grandma this guide is not for you. Now, who's ready to know the best shit to do south of the california state line? Vamanos!

Basically A Bunch Of Shit That I Can't Live Without :
Alright let's start with packing! I managed to squeeze exactly 34 outfits for 5 days into a carry on so let me stress that packing light is possible if you set your mind to it! I don't recommend stiletto pumps in these clubs but I brought a cute pair of gold platform wedges that went with every outfit to go out in. Naturally I threw in every bikini that I owned, as well as this sassy 'IDFWU' one piece that you can get here! If you're not there for a long time but down to have a good time, pack your favorite romper, a few denim cut offs and a skanky bodysuit and you will be good-ta-go!

1. Suncreen
Y'all. Please don't make this rookie mistake! If you're checking your bag, save yourself the money and the headache and pack a sealed new bottle of sunscreen! They will charge you out the ass once you get to the resort if you forgot it and even the darkest skin still manages to get crispy in the Mexico sun!! You don't want to be miserable with a sunburn or sun poisoning because it will ruin your whole trip so plan ahead with this one. We had to purchase this one at the resort for around $27 but I will say it was super lightweight and didn't come off in the pool! 

2. Insulated Cup
This might seem like a no brainer to some people but I was shocked I hadn't thought of this before our family trip last year! All-inclusive resorts mean that the liquor won't stop flowing, but the line at the bars can get out of hand and it's no fun to be sipping on a melted Pina Colada! Take your favorite stainless steel cup to avoid those dinky dixie cup drinks and your drink will stay nice and cool! You'll be so thankful when you are getting 30 oz margaritas that don't splash out into the pool when you enter the wet t-shirt contest. 

3. Cheap Flip Flops
Look girl, I'm all about a good Tory Burch Miller Sandal but you will be devastated when you either lose them or they get stolen poolside. I brought a pair of flip flops from Old Navy and they were snatched day 1! You'll need some good rubber ones to trek down to the bathroom with wet feet and you won't worry that they are getting ruined in the sand. I made the mistake of only packing one pair so I got to look like I was doing a walk of shame every morning when I wore my platform cork sandals to breakfast after my $3 ones were nabbed!

4. Crossbody Purse
If you're there to party like I was, you will be thankful to have a small bag to carry your essentials (cards, ID, cash and phone) that you can throw on your shoulder and just go. You won't want to have to worry about a huge purse at night time and if you're a drunk mess like I am while on vacation you will definitely forget your clutch on the table at the clubs. I even like the idea of the cute phone wristlets because they won't get lost or stolen but you still have the ability to shake what ya mama gave ya without knocking someone out! 

5. A Beach Bag
If you plan on lounging by the pool or partaking in the strip tease contest at The Mango Deck, you will most definitely need a beach bag. It was just me and a girlfriend so we just took one but we were so thankful to be able to throw our flip flops, cover ups, and sunscreen into one place and not worry about being without something. We did get drunk and forget this when we got to the beach which ended in a few blisters and a bit of a sunburn, so do as I say not as I do. I took mine as my carry on when we boarded the plane to avoid extra bulk in my suitcase! And this cute one from Misa Los Angeles is perfect for a cute instagram pic!

6. A Waterproof Phone Case
You're going to get drunk and you're going to want to pose for Instagram worthy photos, it's what we do ladies. Save yourself the heartache and get a life proof case before you go!! It's worth the extra money and you'll be able to get all the boys' numbers in the pool without worrying about ruining your lifeline. You will be sad when everyone is taking selfies in the ocean but you have no record or snapchats of your trip because your naked iPhone is tucked away in your beach bag!


s a n  j o s e  v s  c a b o

I have now stayed in both San Jose and Cabo on vacation to the Baja Sur and both locations have their own quirks. I will make this short and sweet since I'm spewing information out at ya. 

San Jose : 

Royal Decameron Resort : Los Cabos
My Stay: I stayed at the Royal Decameron and it was a small boutique style hotel with a very intimate atmosphere. The staff was friendly off the bat and due to it's size we got to know our staff really well and they took great care of us. The rooms were nice and we lucked out because ours was on the first floor and the patio stepped right off the to steps of the buffet so this big girl was happy! The food wasn't anything spectacular but it was what I expected at an all inclusive. We spent most of our time at the main pool and our sweet bartenders knew our drinks by the second day so we got poolside service which was a plus! There was also a very small adults only pool on the second floor overlooking the beach but it was pretty empty most days. The resort has one small restaurant that we made to dinner once and the food was great so I would recommend this place to anyone looking to stay in this area! 

Pros: This area is closer to the airport so you won't spend as much travel time and there is money saved right off the bat for your cab ride! There is a small town square in San Jose that has some shopping and good restaurants so the area isn't a total bust in my book. If you're going for a relaxing getaway or with family I think San Jose Los Cabos is a great option. We used and got a great deal so don't be afraid of the too good to be true prices! 

Cons: The only downside I had to San Jose was the distance from Cabo's center. The marina, bars, and all the main shopping is 30+ minutes away so you have to either pay a cab or take the bus which was an absolute nightmare in my opinion. I get super car sick and the buses are hot, the roads are winding and there is no air on some of them so I was miserable the times we went to town. 


Adults Only Swim-Up Bar @ Riu Santa Fe
My Stay: Alright so this area was my jam. I stayed at the Riu Santa Fe because we found an amazing deal on that we couldn't pass up! We arrived around 10am so we couldn't check in yet but they had us store our bags while we changed in the bathroom and we headed straight for the pool till check in. Actually we got drunk and forgot to check in at 3 so we didn't get into our room until 8pm, but this worked out in our favor! If you happen to go to this resort and you want to be near the party ask to be in the 7000's. We originally were booked in the 1000's but since we waited long enough for no shows to happen, and because I am muy suave when I drunk hablo español we managed to weasel our way to the 5000's! There is one main pool when you enter the resort, but the adults only swim up bar and pool is back towards the beach and it is poppin' all day everyday! Apparently there is two restaurants that we never even made it to but the buffets are decent and there is a late night taco stand so I give the food a big thumbs up! Most of the people at this resort were down to have a good time so the vibe was great too.

Pros: The drive from the airport was a little longer than San Jose but it was worth it in the end because I slept the entire drive there so I didn't even notice! The cab ride to the bars and marina were $14 each way and it took about 7 minutes so this was a huge plus. The bars stay open late but once we were ready to get to bed it was just a quick cab ride back.

Cons: The only con I have about this vacation was that the beds at the resort were terrible! I drank my weight in alcohol and I still couldn't get a good nights sleep in these beds. We chalked this up to you get what you pay for so it wasn't enough to ruin the stay but it was unfortunate for our backs.

Tip: Book your airport transfer ahead of time to avoid the headache of finding a cab! I used the past two times to this area and they are so nice and there is no hassle once you get through the airport.

Things To Do

I'm almost done! This is getting ridiculous and long so let me make this snappy! There is a lot to do in Cabo, especially in El Centro but I have listed my favorite things to do if you're there to part-tay!

Mango Deck + The Office

Shrimp Cocktail at Mango Deck Cabo San Lucas
Shrimp Cocktail at Mango Deck Cabo San LucasSo if you're looking for a day to get off the resort and experience the beach I highly recommend going here! You can either take a cab directly here or head to the marina and take a water taxi for around $10 a person! On the water taxi you'll get to see all the boats in the marina and get a really good view of Lover's Beach off in the distance as you make your way over to this beach area. Bring those flip flops that I talked about and your beach bag loaded down because they drop you off in water that is knee deep and you make your way through the water to the restaurants! We didn't visit The Office but I've heard great things about the food. We made our way to Mango Deck which is right next door and snagged a lounge chair. The chairs have a $20 spending minimum per chair but that's easy to achieve if you plan on eating or having a few drinks! The shrimp cocktail is to die for and the margaritas are stout. Depending on the crowd size (which gets bigger the later it gets), they will have fun games on the stage so you will get in a few laughs. I was talked out of participating in the booty shaking contest *sadly* but it was a lot of fun to watch! Be warned though, if you sit on the beach in the lounge chairs you will be hassled into buying stuff from the vendors. After a few drinks we were talked in to henna tattoos, knock off Dior sunglasses, and a head band that reads 'Boss Bitch'. Life is too short to not buy stupid shit when you are drunk.

Booze Cruise

So we got too drunk the night before and missed this activity, but its a blast if you can make it to one! Haggle these guys down to $50 ($40 if you're cute) and you'll have 3 hours of open bar and food out on the ocean. We tried Ecotours and they boast having some of the newest and biggest catamarans, but they are all about the same. Usually they will take you out towards the Arch and Lover's Beach for some quick, unguided snorkeling before they load you back up and start pouring the booze. Bring plenty of sunscreen because there usually isn't any shade on these, and opt for sunglasses you won't cry over if they go overboard.

Cabo Wabo

I'm putting this down because it's popular but it wasn't my favorite place. It's like the cool old people hangout or a good place to start a little pregame before hitting the clubs. The set up is neat and the waitstaff is really nice. There is a big stage and they have live music so you can watch the old people try to remember their dance moves which serves for good entertainment. We had one drink here before we decided to move on to bigger and better things, but it's not walking distance to the other bars so you'll have to take a cab back over to the center of town.

Mandala's + Squid Roe

If you're a trooper like me you'll be able to somehow manage a decent winged liner after 12 hours of drinking and make it out to the bars. There is a slew of good clubs all in the same square so tell your cabbie to take you to Squid Roe and you'll be right in the center of all the buzz. These bars are slow to start but once midnight hits they get WILD. Squid Roe is the most talked about spot in Cabo so you have to experience it once. Go on a weekend and you'll walk into this three story club with quirky decor fully equipped with a bus bar and dancing cages. The back bar on the second floor is the quickest for drinks and if you're cute the managers will pull you back there to take shots to lure you into the bar. It's not as sketchy as it sounds so just go with it. If you're lucky you might make a celebrity spotting (we saw Paris Hilton in '15) and shake what ya mama gave you in the suspended cages. Mandala's is directly next door and is very Americanized with lounge couches and VIP sections, but they play the best dancing music. We spent most of our time this trip here. Bottle service is easy to get and I highly recommend it. The lines can get long because of how busy the place gets so it's worth the money to be able to pour your own drinks whenever you get thirsty! The bathroom is also selfie heaven with lighting from the snapchat gods!

Honorable Mentions:

The Marina : Go walk and shop your hangover off. There's a mall and plenty of small stores to get fun t-shirts to take back home and the locals are so nice. Don't be afraid to haggle prices down either!
La Vaquita Bar : Close to the other bars I mentioned, it has a very large cow hanging from the open sky and it's outside dance floor is totally worth checking out before the other clubs get packed.
Taco Stands : I have no memory of how we got to said Taco Stands but these after hours food spots are a must. Tacos taste way better after 20 tequila shots.
Nick Sans : This sushi bar is the most talked about and if you're looking for a nice dinner I've been told it is the best in the area. Call ahead for reservations!

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